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"I have been blessed with a gift to write heartfelt poems that has brought me much joy, peace and prosperity in my life and in the lives of those I am blessed to heal or transform through my live performances."

Award-winning Poet Dave Wilkes

About Dave

"A Dream will never

come true if you don't

start with a dream idea!"

A man with a divine plan

"Writing a persons story for me with more than 'to' and 'from', allows me the pleasure of providing you and your occassion with a treasured gift for your loved one.  ​My poertry service supports a multitude of needs and occasions; and for even the ones that come belated, you will find my personalised poems will surely leave you elated. ​ Taking your heartfelt thoughts and leaving no eye dry, I am able to create the perfect poem to suit your every need - even at short notice.  From a simple thank you that could see the best man or woman cry, to one of my inspiring pieces, each poem is complemented with a personalised gift that can also mend family trees." 

Who is Dave Wilkes

Dave Wilkes is a Professional Poet affectionately named Mr Love, who continues to bring poetry to life in a way that leaves you thinking even to the very end.


Nominated to be the co-host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Dave is promoted as a leading performing act in Birmingham and the UK, as he continues to expand his offerings of:

  • Motivational Poems

  • Inspirational Poems

  • Uplifting Poems

  • Poems for Birthdays & Parties

  • Poems for New Borns & Children

  • Poems for Schools,

  • Colleges & Uni's

  • Poems for Christening

  • Poems for Weddings

  • Poems for The Elderly

  • Poems for Funerals

  • Poems for Opening Ceremonies

  • Bespoke Poems


For adults and for children around the world.


"Using the power of words to create personalised poetry that will touch hearts, motivate minds and inspire people to make an impression to be remembered.."


Once you have had the pleasure of seeing the performance of Daves first class act and capitivating performance, I am sure you will agree that Mr Dave Wilkes is a man of exceptional and adorable talent. So I invite you to allow me to arrange for him to furnish your future event with a sense of greatness like no other, whilst he stimulates and activates dreams of inspiration into your chosen environment.


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"I thank God and supporter who has continued to allow me to harvest and harness my gift."